Windows Or Linux Based LAN/WAN Environment.

Connecting the PCs in your business via a LAN/WAN can save you a portion of time and money. The expanse you put into networking hardware, even in a small configuration (less than 5 or 6 users), can save you from buying several printers, backup media, and other hardware. Add a single, shared Internet connection and you no longer need multiple modems and Internet accounts.

With a LAN/WAN, you don’t have to run down the hall anymore with your file on a disk to print it on your friend’s printer. Information that had to wait for the mailroom to make the rounds can be sent in an instant to anyone (or everyone) on your LAN/WAN.

We are offering both Windows and Linux based LAN/WAN environment for your business— its ability to act as a server on a network. In both Red Hat Linux and windows you will have robust and feature-rich than other computing systems (certainly for the price), adding it to your LAN/WAN can provide a central point to workstations that could use Red Hat Linux as a file server, a mail server, a print server, or a news server. (Those features will be added after your requirements.)

Creating and configuring a LAN/WAN consists of these steps:

  1. Setting up LAN/WAN hardware — This entails choosing a network topology, purchasing the equipment you need, and installing it (adding cards and connecting wires or using wireless antennas).

  2. Configuring TCP/IP — To use most of the networking applications and tools that come with Red Hat Linux, you must have TCP/IP configured. TCP/IP lets you communicate not only with computers on your LAN/WAN, but to any computers that you can reach on your LAN/WAN, modem, or other network connection (particularly to the Internet).

Setting up LAN/WAN hardware

Even with a simple LAN/WAN, you must make some decisions about network topology (that is, how computers are connected). You must also make some decisions about network equipment (network interface cards, wires, hubs, and so on).


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